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2000x1000mm format in Crude steel 2 Reversible pattern SKU: MX17603

Sku: MX17603

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Lascala perforated metal sheet is composed of large square and rectangular openings in a slightly disaggregated isometric grid, looks like wickerwork.
2000x1000mm format in Crude steel 2 Reversible pattern

Recommended use:

Weight (Kg) 16.6
Height (mm) 1000
Width (mm) 2000
Transparency % 51
Material Crude steel
Thickness mm 2
Orientation Reversible
Edges Uneven border of 20 - 18 - 20 - 18 mm
Opening Square and rectangular holes
Colour Unpainted - delivered unfinished
Product benefit Grid effect with a slight transparence
Tolerance +/-1.5 MM
Expansion coefficient 0.012 mm per meter per degree
Recycling 100% recyclable item
Mechanical resistance Exceptionally strong panel - fasteners spaced at 50 cm intervals
Resistance to fire M0 - A1
Resistance to oxidation Unprotected bare metal - surface scratches - moisture-sensitive
Folding Unfolded - flat piece
Ease of cutting Small jigsaw or circular saw-like portable power tool with narrowly serrated edge
Railing Yes
Interior decoration Yes
Ventilation Yes
Radiator screen Yes
Fences Yes
Facade Yes
Privacy screen Yes
Delivery time 2 days not counting restocking
Other tips Parts are to be stored in a clean and dry space before use
Delivery Delivered on reinforced pallets - Unloaded by forklift truck in the workshop
Delivery protocol Customer presence required at delivery
Terms of purchase Material shipped subsequent to payment of the order amount. Restocking may be necessary in certain cases
Return and refund policy A maximum of 4 items are accepted for return. The return costs are at the customer's expense. Return must be effectuated on original delivery palate

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