DMD10202 BERNAU - Perforated plate random holes

VAT included

Perforated plates BERNAU in steel 2 mm thickness

Different standard size and format are applied to this perforated sheets according table below.
Variable delay of 4 to 10 weeks in accordance with terms of production.

Plain peripheral edge or non-perforated frame from 10 to 20 mm apparent to the perforation sequence.
Back face deburring to remove sharp edges.
Industrial tolerance of +/- 2 mm on dimension measurements.  

Metal sheet cut on demand if you ask for it, send us an request per mail.
Flat fee of 145 € HT for  a changement to a non standard size.
For more than 50 m², a better price can be offered.
Industrial quality painting can be processed on an ordre of minimum 30 m².


DMD10202 BERNAU is an perforated plate from DAMPERE METAL

Round Random Perforated holes - Scattered distribution

Interior screens very simple to use.

For interior design, metallic screens are solution to area division.

Simple and fancy plate

Remarkable solution and smooth balanced

Standard sizes - Reference - Weight  

Item DMD10201 -  BERNAU on size 650 X 800 mm for 0,5 m² each
Item DMD10202 -  BERNAU on size 800 X 1200 mm for 1 m² each
Item DMD10203 -  BERNAU on size 1000 X 1500 mm for 1,5 m² each
Item DMD10204 -  BERNAU on size 2000 X 1000 mm for 2 m² each
Item DMD10205 -  BERNAU on size 650 X 1000 mm for 0,65 m² each
Item DMD10206 -  BERNAU on size 450 X 650  mm for 0,3 m² each
Item DMD10207 -  BERNAU on size 300 X 450  mm for 0,15 m² each 

Norms et tolerancies 

Our products meet AFNOR NFE 81070-060-061 standards.
Metal sheets are manufactured by mecanical tools, stripes and scratch could appear on the surface, only powder coating can mask.
Dimension tolerancies of +/- 2 mm on all measurement.

Delivery conditions

Pieces are delivered as raw material for further processing, not degreased to avoid accelerated corrosion, must be defatted before any use. A slight fat balm will protect metal skin from ambiant air.

Metal pieces delivered in a cardboard packaging reduce the transport cost. Sometimes, angles could be slightly bent, it would be appropriate to rectify it before use.

For any order heavier than 50 kg, the packaging involves a wooden pallet to enable handeling by palett truck.

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